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Every product at Honestly,Yoga has a story behind it.  A story of creativity, hard work and ingenuity.  Each artisan featured here may inspire you with their story of how they came to create their products.

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Rachel Budde


Founder of Fat and the Moon started creating her products in the kitchen, where most good things do

"My goal was to make my family and friends handmade body care products made from ingredients that are pronounceable, high quality and most importantly, incredible for the body. Once I got started, I couldn’t stop. It is important to me to be as intentional and creative in other aspects of my life as I am in the studio. Fat and the Moon represents one facet of my creative process. It is the realm where I concoct various potions and participate in a market which contrasts the norm, a market where there is a direct connection from the maker to the buyer"

Fat and the Moon specialises in handcrafted, herbal body care products.   Many of the herbs used in Fat and the Moon have been home grown on the organic farm inhabited by the Fat and the Moon team. Everything is made in small batches from organic ingredients. Started as an alternative to the toxic, mass ­production body care industry, Fat and the Moon products remain extremely close to their source

Jensen Wheeler


Founder of "The Little Yoga Mat".  How the The Little Yoga Mat was born

"After happily volunteering to teach yoga at my daughter’s New York City pre-school, I realized I had some basic logistical problems. How would I teach yoga to 20 children in a space that only holds 10 adult yoga mats? As a yoga teacher, I always had extra mats around the apartment but not one small enough for my daughter, so one night my husband and I cut an adult mat into four small mats.  They were just the right size to give to the kids in my daughter's class.   The boys and girls loved them. The teachers loved them. We were on to something. The children loved having a mat their size. The teachers discovered that the mats helped the kids know where to do their yoga poses. No more running around. Everyone got focused. My daughter proudly carried hers while strolling to and from school. Many moms stopped and asked, “What an adorable mat. Where can I buy one?” That's how the idea developed

Jensen has completed yoga teacher trainings at White Lotus Foundation in Santa Barbara, Virayoga in New York City and is a registered teacher with the National Yoga Alliance. Jensen has a diverse background that includes acting and dancing professionally, fact checking for Glamour magazine and producing cooking, history and theatrical documentaries for television. For the past 15 years, she has taught yoga to adults and children in New York City where she lives in a 5-flight walk up with her husband and daughter

Karen Eklund




Founder of Petite Feet and Petite Feet Ballet DVDs

Since receiving her B.A. in Theatre Studies from Yale, Liz has been a dance, yoga, theater and early childhood educator in New York City and now in Los Angeles. She has taught through the New York City Ballet’s Education Program, as well as at various studios and public schools, while also performing in and choreographing for professional productions. She has always been a dancer who acts and an actor who dances, and she draws from both of these disciplines in her teaching and performance. Liz is currently pursuing her multiple subject and kinesiology credentials and her MA in Educational Foundations at Cal State LA. She is also part of the dance staff at Gabriella Charter School, a public charter school where all students have an hour of dance a day